Faculty Resources

Your involvement matters. Faculty-student interactions enhance students' learning and their educational experience. Encourage student success, persistence in the classroom, and personal development by referring students to our resources and services.

Incorporate Success With

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction is regularly scheduled, out-of-class review sessions for difficult gateway courses. SI sessions are facilitated by trained peer tutors who have previously taken the course and demonstrated academic success in that particular subject area. These tutors sit in on class lectures, take notes, and act as a support system to your students currently taking your course. They then create follow-up study sessions throughout the week based on the course syllabus, your faculty recommendations, the students’ needs, and what’s been going on in the class.

If you are a faculty member interested in having Supplemental Instruction for your course, please contact Academic Learning & Tutoring Center Director Christie Kahil for more information.

Free Peer Tutoring by Subject

The Academic Learning & Tutoring Center has peer tutors specializing in subjects such as calculus, chemistry, physics, psychology, statistics, foreign languages, writing and more, who are available to help your students make the most of their study time.

Connect them to peer tutoring and learn more about this resources on our Peer Tutoring page. 

A Request for a Success Workshop or Speaker

Our team is available to speak to classes and student organizations. We cover topics such as work-life balance, exam prep, attention management, motivation/procrastination, studying strategies/learning styles/note taking, team work, finals prep, resilience and growth mindset, the study cycle, and more.

Also, make note of Student Success's pre-scheduled programs and workshops.

A Sample Syllabus Statement

Newcomb-Tulane College’s Student Success team is committed to supporting undergraduate students in their personal and academic success as they advance through their Tulane career. Units within Student Success provide resources tailored to meet individual student needs, programs to enhance skill sets and promote community building, and enrichment opportunities which enhance students’ academic abilities and encourage personal development. The Academic Learning & Tutoring Center (ALTC) offers content specific-support such as in-person tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (peer-led study sessions), and writing coaching. For help developing learning strategies, managing time, and increasing test performance, one-on-one success coaching and Success workshops are available.